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As one of the leading manufacturers in China, we have more 200 workers and 10 designers. Our product is 100% export and our annual production is nearly twenty million per unit. We are specializing in producing the high quality goods for households, hotels, airline and resorts. Our main products include blankets, slippers, indoor shoes, pillow, wooden brush, amenity kits and etc.

After such long time development, we have strong group to provide full range of services including bulk production, product design, quality controls and logistics solution.

Our Professional Service:

01. Your mail will be answered in 24 hours.  If you were or will be our potential clients, we will reply to you in 8 hours, and if VIP clients, within 3 hours.

02. If you want some different designs, we would like to make samples exactly same as your requests. Meanwhile, you can make a choice what you like from our product catalog.

03. We provide ODM/OEM service and submit various styles, latest designs every month to our clients

05. We can ship the goods from Shanghai port to your port of destination by our shipping company. 

06. We produce material by ourselves, which makes more competitive price and faster delivery

07. We work with big customers all over the world: Europe 40%, USA 25%, Russia 5%, South Korea 5%, and Japan 25%.

08. We have standard testing report from SGS or Intertek for different market.

We are located in the international major city --- Shanghai. It is very convince for business and export with the big sea port. Hope you would like our product and we will do our best to meet your any kind of demand.

Thank you for your paying attention to our company.

Welcome to Shanghai Easun.

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